Companies are facing threats from the Internet like never before: Data are sent and received over a wide variety of channels - e-mail, social media, cloud services or P2P portals - and from there they can enter the company's own networks.

Highly integrated network & security solutions from a single source

LANCOM, Europe‘s largest network manufacturer, in close cooperation with Rohde & Schwarz, a global corporation headquartered in Munich and an established player in the cybersecurity market, are working together to create a unique combination of trusted network infrastructure and IT Security “Made in Germany”. This lays the cornerstone for LANCOM’s transformation from a pure network manufacturer to an integrated network and security provider.

This change will take place step by step. The path we are following accommodates all of our partners and customers, whether they use conventional network architectures or cloud-based software-defined networks.

For conventional networks, our security offerings will initially include a next-generation firewall from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity, which ideally complements our infrastructure components.

For networks based on the LANCOM Management Cloud, we are now expanding the available network functions SD-WAN, SD-LAN and SD-WLAN to include SD-Security featuring a new Security & Compliance Dashboard, as well as a cloudbased firewall and UTM functions.

The next step is to fully integrate LANCOM network and Rohde & Schwarz security technologies and offer our partners and customers complete security solutions.

Our vision is a strong one: Highly integrated network & security solutions from a single source – for conventional networks as well as for cloud architectures. SECURE. NETWORKS.

The solution package for IT security

LANCOM R&S® Unified Firewalls

Best network security “Made in Germany”

In order to meet the individual security needs of small and medium-sized businesses, an easy-to-use integrated solution is required: The LANCOM R&S® Unified Firewalls.

Thanks to state-of-the-art security features and UTM functions (Sandboxing, Machine Learning, PACE 2 Deep Packet Inspection, etc.), they provide reliable protection for networks and data against spam, viruses, and malware. This provides every part of the business with effortless and effective protection against attacks from the Internet. The innovative graphical user interface clearly displays the scope of protection across the company, giving you central management and easy monitoring to ensure that firewalls meet all compliance requirements throughout the network.

These next-generation firewalls are developed and programmed in Germany. They ideally complement existing LANCOM network infrastructures in terms of IT security, and they offer future-proof protection for corporate networks that are guaranteed free of “backdoors”.

Cloud-based Security

Security & Compliance Dashboard in the LANCOM Management Cloud

The LANCOM Management Cloud allows the holistic orchestration of all routers, switches, and access points in the network. But are you sure that all devices are configured according to compliance requirements? Is every device running the firmware with the latest patches? Are there any open ports in the network or are insecure protocols being used?

The new Security & Compliance Dashboard shows at a glance whether the devices in the network are configured according to corporate security policies. Furthermore, the dashboard keeps you up to date regarding the remaining device warranty and license terms.

Intuitive, color-coded status information makes it easier than ever to meet security and compliance requirements in cloud-managed infrastructures.

State-of-the-art malware protection

Security-as-a-Service from the cloud

Companies are facing threats from the Internet like never before and new malware is being circulated on a daily basis. In order to keep the security architecture up-to-date at all times, the application of a central firewall and UTM from the cloud is recommended.

Together with Zscaler, the market leader for cloudbased IT security solutions, we deliver maximum data security and integrity to networks that are orchestrated from the LANCOM Management Cloud. By moving this protection to a global cloud, these software-defined services are delivered at the click of a mouse, eliminating the need to purchase separate hardware in the form of dedicated security appliances.

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