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High speed up to 300 Mbps: discover the superfast Internet offered by the latest VDSL standard. The Supervectoring routers within the LANCOM 1790 and 1793 series are the first business devices on the market, optimally tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses – whether it’s a doctor’s office, a law firm or a branch office.

Built-in security of investment
Supervectoring isn’t yet available to you? When you’re planning router purchases, it still makes sense to opt for LANCOM Supervectoring routers now. You’ll then avoid having to change devices again as part of a future conversion. Until that time, these new routers can be used with the current VDSL2 and ADSL2+ standards.

Keeping you in pole position
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Ready for tomorrow, compatible with today
Both router series offer you features and options tailor-made for your needs. Realize your plans simply, precisely and economically. Migrate from ISDN to All-IP telephony, while continuing to use older phone technology if you wish. Cross-connect sites with highly available VPN as required. Profit from rapid and secure performance when handling sensitive customer data. Implementation can, of course, be carried out particularly easily and conveniently via automatic configuration in the LANCOM Management Cloud.

The fast way forward

with Supervectoring

Get your business on the move with up to 300 Mbps. And use the opportunity to migrate quite simply from ISDN to All-IP, if need be – with the right router, you can even use older phone technology concurrently. You’d like to interconnect several locations securely? That’s easy with our VPN routers – for critical business applications, there’s even an LTE backup option for maximum availability.

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Top features

With LANCOM, you can trust in state-of-the art technology of the highest quality. Our Supervectoring business routers not only set standards because they’re the first on the market, but impress with maximum performance, reliability and security – guaranteed backdoor-free, and "Made in Germany".

Maximum failover reliability

Thanks to integrated LTE Advanced modems, the routers in the LANCOM 179x series – offering up to 300 Mbps – are the ideal primary or backup solutions.

Diversity makes the difference

The right device for every user: The LANCOM portfolio offers state-of-the-art Supervectoring routers for the business sector – either purely for data traffic (VPN-secured) or with VoIP functionality.

Doubled and tripled

Supervectoring expands the deployed frequency spectrum from 17 MHz previously to 35 MHz. This results in a significant speed gain from 100 Mbps to what is now up to 300 Mbps.


Highly available Internet for particularly business-critical connections with sensitive (customer) data anywhere where secure and fast data performance has to be relied upon.


Paving the way toward increased profits: Germany’s first Supervectoring business routers with the latest VDSL technology for small and medium-sized businesses.