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LANCOM 1900-series

For successful digitalization

Full bandwidth

Modern enterprises often have to get by with insufficient bandwidths. But you don’t necessarily need a fiber optic-connection to get the best from your network: The LANCOM 1900-series enables the highly efficient operation of multiple Internet lines. Intelligent load balancing makes efficient uses of all Internet connections for the best possible performance of your applications.


Complex configurations, confusing monitoring and time-consuming troubleshooting are things of the past. In combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud, the LANCOM 1900-series paves the way for highly efficient automated management and monitoring. SD-WAN radically simplifies the setup and rollout, and it offers real-time monitoring around the clock. You save money and valuable time.

Always on

Network outages are expensive, labor-intensive crisis situations. The LANCOM 1906VA-4G supports multiple wired Internet connections and also offers LTE/4G as a cellular backup. The result is a solution that offers highest availability if a connection goes down. These reliable backup mechanisms ensure that your digital applications are highly available at all times, i.e. always on.

The product lineup


Uncompromising availability

Featuring two integrated VDSL modems and LTE-Advanced, the LANCOM 1906VA-4G is the first choice when it comes to reliability and optimal utilization of bandwidth. ISDN and analog interfaces also enable existing telephony components to migrate seamlessly into your networks.
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The powerhouse

With two integrated VDSL modems, the LANCOM 1906VA supports multiple Internet connections in parallel—a true bandwidth professional for intelligent load balancing. Existing ISDN and analog telephony components are easily migrated to the network.
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Versatile performance

The LANCOM 1900EF is the first choice for versatility when operating a variety of Internet connections on one device. This extremely high-performance multi-WAN VPN gateway supports any external modem, so offering the greatest possible versatility, whatever Internet connections are available at the site.
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High-end router for a multitude of applications

High data volumes

Numerous modern applications with high data volumes? Combining multiple Internet connections with load balancing maximizes the utilization of your bandwidth. For your success in the digital world.

Great teamplayer

Easy and reliable configuration of complete networks including routing, switching, and wireless LAN with one centralized and user-friendly management system: The LANCOM Management Cloud.

Award-winning VPN

Up to 50 IPSec VPN channels enable the secure connection of your locations and mobile employees. In the techconsult Professional User Rating 2018, LANCOM again (as in 2017) received the “Champion” award in the category “Virtual Private Networks”.

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