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All the signs point to digitalization! “Auto-configuration”, “zero-touch deployment” and “device rollout” are terms that aren’t part of your vocabulary and sound incredibly complicated? You’d like to stay on the cutting edge of technology with your network infrastructure and don’t want to lose touch? We can show you how to deploy and develop your IT in line with the state of the art, sustainably and cost-effectively: with our professional tool – the LANCOM Management Cloud.

We bring your business into the future and you have ... more time for the things that are important!
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IT networks are complex: you often need network specialists to be on site to modify or upgrade them. But it’s possible to do this with MUCH more agility. With the LMC, you opt for a future-proof system that grows flexibly with your requirements. It means that you can at last make investment decisions for your business promptly and in line with your needs.

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Another branch, a new office: suddenly your IT’s no longer right. However, changes aren’t challenging any more when you’re using the LANCOM Management Cloud. Technicians can set up new or modified networks with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Cyberattacks are especially aimed at the availability of sensitive data and IT systems. For the security of your business, the LMC means that you can trust in settings created by the system as well those that are individually adapted – guaranteed backdoor-free and “Made in Germany”.

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With the LMC, you profit from technical innovations immediately! Instead of having to carry out complicated software updates on individual devices as before, the system distributes all new features over the entire network completely automatically. Let the Cloud do the work while you take care of your day-to-day business.

You’d like to incorporate and have your digital infrastructure managed in the Cloud sustainably and economically with the aid of an IT professional? You already have a functioning IT infrastructure, but now want to take advantage of the benefits, such as higher flexibility, efficiency, productivity and scalability, as well as lower costs, offered by the LANCOM Management Cloud?
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Successful cooperation

The collaboration between AIR Zermatt and our Partner Seabix AG demonstrates what an ideal cooperation can look like when you outsource your IT to the Cloud and use the advantages of a cutting-edge software-defined IT network. As the managed services provider supporting AIR Zermatt, Seabix AG has made available and administrates the networking technology in the shape of the LANCOM Management Cloud as optimized and custom-fit network infrastructure from a single source.

What is the LMC?

The LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is the first management system in the world that intelligently organizes, optimizes and administrates your entire network architecture. Using state-of-the-art software-defined networking technology, provision of an integrated network is radically simplified and accelerated, because manual configuration of individual devices is no longer necessary.

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More information on the Cloud

More information about the background technology, attractive licensing models and the opportunities offered by becoming a LANCOM Management Cloud Partner can be found on our product page. Welcome to the Cloud!

Suitable products

Routing, switching, WLAN and Security – the simplest way into the Cloud. Your devices are integrated into the LANCOM Management Cloud with just a few clicks – whether it’s new devices or infrastructures that you already have installed: your entire network is controlled via one system only – the LANCOM Management Cloud.

Products SD-WAN

Routers and VPN gateways

Secure and agile VPN networking with just a click of the mouse

Products Unified Firewalls


The best quality and highest flexibility for your wireless network

Products SD-WLAN

WLAN access points

The best quality and highest flexibility for your wireless network

Products SD-LAN


A powerful foundation for your internal connectivity

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